Weeks to live – What would I do?

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Time is not on your side.

So, you have come here after asking a question on a facebook group.   The problem is, you ask the question, and get tonnes of answers.  CBD oil here, essiac tea, there, Frankincense oil,  apricot kernels, B17, I have done the LOT!  

Nothing worked!

Yes, that’s right, nothing worked.  From Aloe Aborense, to meditating, 60 apricot kernels a day, cannabis, taken both orally and as a suppository, rife machine, juicing and coffee enemas.  Essiac Tea, Budwig diet, Gerson Therapy,  Nothing worked for me.

Post will be expanded.

I will expand on this post as time permits, stating why I have said each point.  But for now, here in the first instance, it will be a summary only, simply to help people who are suffering “right now”. who don’t have the  time for me to expand on the why!

Get off all carbohydrate.

Cancer feeds on sugar, so cut it’s legs off, and get off all carbohydrate.  Your body will then go into what is called “ketosis”  this is an ancient pathway, when, like bears that are hibernating for the winter, your body is  off carbs, it goes into burning fat for energy. You can buy ketone strips really cheaply on e-bay to test how much in “ketosis” you are.   You can also get a blood glucose monitor, the type that diabetics use, for less than $20.00 and test yours, or “their’s” blood sugar levels.

Reduce the blood sugar further.

You can reduce the blood sugar even further by triple doses of Berberine (a herb) or the drug Metformin to get further lower your blood sugar level.  You can then  test it throughout the day to see where you are, along with the ketosis strips.

Watch This Short Video

This is not a long video to watch, and by doing so, it may just save your life.   This is the reason for stating the above.

Not the Atkins Diet

This is not the Atkins diet, Atkins was no carbs, yes, for loosing weight, because you were burning fat for fuel, but all meat, eggs, bacon, sausages etc were all fair game.  Your cancer cells turn to glutothione and glutomate (in meat)  when they are starving, so don’t give them a chance.  Keep off the protein too.

So, what can you eat?

Colorful vegetables, little fruit, and lots of fats, I will expand much on this over time, see the please help page for my plans about the ketogenic diet.  I plan to do an experiment to see which foods individually push my blood sugar up.

Get the toxins out.

It is absolutely essential to get the toxins out of the body.  I will expand on this, but coffee enemas are a must,  this is the heart of Gerson Therapy, which works on more than half of the patients they get into the clinic in Mexico. They are usually shipped in with weeks to live.

Gut Bacteria.

You are suffering from an imbalance in your gut microbiome, nobody with cancer has a balanced gut.  You have an over growth of yeasts, and some species of good guys will have been wiped out, either by a pathogen, antibiotics, or bad diet.  Whilst on the above mentioned diet, take a GOOD probiotic and eat the stuff that they love.  By eating the stuff that they love, you will increase your gut microbiome infinitesimally.  They love oats, Psylium husks, carrots, green vegetables, onions, garlic, etc. I would eat solid raw forms and juice.

Vitamin C.

There are many people who talk about getting vitamin C injections.  IMHO I don’t think it’s worth paying a doctor to inject you with vitamin C when Liposomal will get as much vitamin C into your system for a fraction of the cost.  Making it at home is not a problem.  See http://qualityliposomalc.com/  you can read Ty Bollingers thoughts  on vitamin C here.


Cancer is  cells that have turned to burning sugar for fuel, anaerobically, getting your oxygen level up is an absolute must.  You can either visit a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, or do EWOT, which is exercise with oxygen therapy.  Simply put, you wear a face mask, with 100% oxygen, whilst doing moderate exercise, riding a stationary bike for example.

Food that has an ability to kill cancer cells.

Curcumin is know to have an anti cancer effect, and all the feedback I have is positive.  I have heard that some people take as much as 3 grammes a day.  That’s a lot of Curcumin IMHO.



I am not a doctor, and I have no medical knowledge whatsoever, but here are my qualifications.  I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December 2014, and rejected all conventional treatment.  Why?  Because they offered me all three conventional treatments, radiation to reduce the size of the tumour, surgery to remove it, followed by chemo to kill off any “rogue”‘ cancer cells.  However, this would leave me shitting in a bag for the rest of my life.  I decided, that wasn’t for me.  I knew of no other treatments at the time, but for me, that simply wasn’t an option, even if  it killed me in the process.  It was THEN, that I decided to go to school on the problem, and started my educational journey.  I have since read over 50 books on the subject, and although I am still suffering the disease as I type this, I do feel I have some knowledge to share.  This is what I would do, given a “weeks to live” diagnosis.


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