The Great Ketogenic Experiment – Day 3 – Carrots

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First thing in the morning glucose test  5.4 mml/L (97.2 mg/dL)

I awoke at  about 08:00 and before doing anything else, I went downstairs and took a

measurement.  As you can see, it was 5.4.


I then took the  dog for a walk and I took my blood again at 10:19 it was at 6.0.

Carrots 136g same as the apple on day 1.

I measured out 136 grams (4.79 oz) of apples, and promptly started munching on them.  Errrr…. what’s up doc? I felt like bugs bunny.

Tumour Reactions

None so far, as I type this it is 10:44 but it has taken me until now to eat the carrots.  I’ll give it 10 minutes before taking my blood again.

11:01 glucose test, 7.6

This is relatively high, pushed up by the carrots only?

That’s all I’ve had to eat, so, yes,it must be.

Tumour Reactions.

I felt as if I wanted to visit the  toilet slightly, and was passing wind a lot.  I have no pain from the tumour area,  but it does feel as if my sugar level has gone up.  So, it’s almost 12:00 an hour after the last test, I will test it again.

11:59 blood test 6.1

So, that has actually gone down.  Strange all these reactions, and I’m not in ketosis.

150g Carrot Juice @12:05

Tumour Reactions.

I can now feel as if I have fed the tumour, it feels like I have done so.

12:36 blood test 7.3

Decided that this is now the time to take my coffee enema.


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