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Ketogenic Diet - Day 1 Monday 26 November 2018

Blood Glucose

5.0 mmol/L

Ketone Level




Each Day, New Blog

I will try and write a new update every day.  Update my vital signs, and my thoughts and feelings, both emotionally, and physically.  The reason I say physically, is because I am in an unusual position, that I can actually feel different things from the tumour area.  I suppose because of it’s placement, close to my anus. 

Thoughts on the day

Yesterday and the day before I pretty much fasted quite a bit to get myself into Ketosis.  As you can see, my ketone level averaged out at 1.3 over the course of the day.  

Anything over 0.5 is said to be in ketosis.  I have been testing my blood ketone levels, which are supposed to be more accurate than urine strips or breath meters.  I have orderd a test meter for breath and will continue with that once I am firmly into ketosis. 

Tumour Feedback

The start of this diet was pretty much instigated by my problems visiting the toilet yesterday.

For the first time since being diagnosed, I was having real difficulty visiting the toilet.  

That was especially true, when I was even struggling to go after a coffee enema.  I managed to get the pipe up there OK, but it took me ages to actually go.  Suffice to say, it had me nervous to say the least. 

Today, however, was better.  Not the best, but I did manage to go.


Green Tea.  Nothing else, I waned to get a good start on the first day. So by the time I got back from walking the dog, I was pretty starving.

No feelings from the tumour area.


Kimchi, which is a korean delicacy, or so they say.  I made a large batch of it, you can find the recipe here. I also had a couple of poached eggs.

No real feelings from the tumour area after eating.


Special, from the fish and chip shop.  For those that don’t know, In the UK, fish and chips is the “take away” food of choice for years.  A “special” is simply a large fish.  They are cooked in batter, but I removed all the batter and just ate the fish. 

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