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Ketogenic Diet - Day 6
1st December 2018


Blood Glucose

5.7 mmol/L

Ketone Level




EWOT system finally all here

We have all heard of HBOT.  Hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  But not many have heard of EWOT, exercise with oxygen therapy.  The idea is, that in a similar vein to HBOT, you flood your system with oxygen. HBOT, your whole body goes into a high pressure chamber, and you breathe oxygen through a mask. 

EWOT on the other hand, you do moderate exercise, whatever you can do, whilst breathing pure oxygen.  The good thing about EWOT is that you can do it at home, any time you like.  I will write another post with all the details shortly.  Suffice to say, that I ordered quite a bit of stuff for it in ebay, and have been waiting for it to arrive.  

I was going to put it all together today and get it going, but unfortunately I feel wiped out.  I might simply go to bed this afternoon.  

Thoughts on the day

Disappointed with myself for having the Scotch last night, however, I have tested at 5.7 and 1.7 ketones this morning.  So that means I don’t have to shoot myself.  I’m still in ketosis, thank you lord!

I just feel completely drained of energy, may go to bed for a couple of hours. 

Tumour Feedback

No feelings from the tumour area overnight.  I didn’t need to take any painkiller prior to going to bed.  I did however have a good slug of whisky inside me, so I suppose I was always goingo to sleep well.

Woke up late this morning with no feelings from the area whatsoever.  Didn’t feel like I wanted to go to the toilet at all.

After lunch I had some pain from the tumour area, this was annoying, given the fact that all I had was Keto friendly.  A piece of haddock and whipping cream whipped up with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in it.

Post Coffee Enema

Did the coffee enema at about 4:00 P.M this afternoon, and had difficulty going to the toilet before hand.  The pain from the tumour area is enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough to take painkillers just yet.  May take some later.  

I didn’t have any difficulty getting rid of the coffee post enema, thankfully.

I took my blood glucose level and my ketone blood level prior to my evening meal, and they were 5.7 and 2.8 respectively.  Quite chuffed to get the ketone level back up, but the pain from the tumour area is getting tiresome.  


Green Tea, nothing else, I’m on my second cup as I type this.


I had a large piece of Haddock from the fish and chip shop.  I removed all the batter prior to eating it.  Along with a few pickled onions. Annoyingly I had some pain from the tumour area, which says to me that I was feeding the cancer, but it was a so called “ketogenic” meal.  

I am struggling to understand. 


Fillet steak with Spinach and cream pepper sauce.  It was absolutely delicious.  See my ketone test below an hour after eating too.

Really happy with those readings.  I was tempted to have a glass of scotch to celebrate, but if I do, I just know I will have another and another, and I will be regretting it tomorrow.  So, I’m abstaining.


Blood Glucose

5.9 mmol/L

Ketone Level




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