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Ketogenic Diet - Day 3
28 November 2018

Blood Glucose

6.5 mmol/L

Ketone Level




Ketones and Glucose both up

I was glad to see that upon testing in the morning, that my ketone level had gone up. However, so had my blood glucose level, it was actually at 5.9 in the morning first thing, at 08.42 the indication above, is an average over the whole day.  

Thoughts on the day

Looking back over my last two days entries I can see that if I am not very careful, I could lose even more weight than I already have.  I have a calorie defecit on both days.  So, today, now I’m in ketosis, I will try and do something about it.

That I have done, and you can see below what I have eaten and the results.  However, it has also been feeding the tumour. 

See the caption to the right about my feelings on that.  

I am in a no win situation.  Eat more, even ketogenic food, and I feed the tumour, eat less and I’m loosing weight.

I have ordered some Berberine online tonight, lets hope it comes soon, it is supposed to lower your blood sugar. 

Tumour Feedback

I suppose it was the fact that the blood sugar was elevated, why I had so much pain from the tumor area.  Although I have a better ketone level, I also have a higher blood glucose level.  

I went shopping for more supplies, and the cronometer app had told me to get some chicken livers.  Which I did, and also picked up some macadamia nuts and more green tea.  

The tumour pains disappeared when I had a coffee enema in the afternoon, but re-appeared again after my evening meal. 

Blood glucose level was up at 6.9

Having said that, I checked out the poppadoms and they were quite high in carbs.  I think one should have been enough. I cheated somewhat, and had three. 


The cronomiter app was telling me that I needed some heavy whipping cream, it looks like my fat was low.  So, this is what I had with quite a few nuts. Hazelnuts, Macadamia, Brazil, and Pecans.  




My shopping earlier was for chicken livers, which the cronometer app had told me to get.  

I was making curry for dinner, so marinaded them in a sauce recipe from a book called the curry secret.  I added a third of them to a pan and fried them whilst cooking the rest of the chicken curry for the family.  I didn’t have any rice, but I think I did over do it on the poppadoms.  

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