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Ketogenic Diet - Day 2 Tuesday 27 November 2018

Blood Glucose

5.5 mmol/L

Ketone Level




Each Day, New Blog

I will try and write a new update every day.  Update my vital signs, and my thoughts and feelings, both emotionally, and physically.  The reason I say physically, is because I am in an unusual position, that I can actually feel different things from the tumour area.  I suppose because of it’s placement, close to my anus. 

Thoughts on the day

I had quite a busy day scheduled, so took my blood glucose level in the morning, and again in the evening.

I didn’t have much in the way of keto friendly supplies, and the cronometer app that I have been using, recommended some nuts.  Macadamia Nuts, Brazil Nuts (but only a couple) and some heavy whipping cream, and also some dark chocolate.  

So it was off to Sainsburys for me.  Got everything but forgot pecans.

Tumour Feedback

Releaved that I wasn’t in pain.  I took the dog for a walk in the morning, and was okay.

Didn’t really have much in the way of feedback all day, which was nice.  


Green Tea. 

Then a fast until later.


Snack really.  After doing the shopping at Sainsburys for stuff that the cronometer app had recommended, it was pretty much that for lunch.  A tiny bit of dark chocolate, followed by some heavy whipping cream, with “crushed” nuts.  Macadamia, Brazil, almonds, and cashews.


Roast pork belly, with a few frozen peas, cooked. A couple of stalks of broccoli, carrots and green beans.

I did have a fair bit of feedback from the tumour area.  Seems my meal wasn’t ketogenic enough.  Having said that, my reading the following morning was well into the keto mark.  I really feel I’m starting to get there now.

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