Laura Bond – Mum’s not Having Chemo

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This was the first book I bought after being diagnosed.  Laura bond was like most people who discover that a loved one has cancer, she was absolutely horrified that he mum was “refusing” the treatment.  Purely and simply, she was going to kill herself, because of course the doctors know best.  They have to, let’s face it.  How could it be true that they simply can’t give you the actual “best treatment”.

Gerson – Budwig and Coffee Enemas

Laura’s mum learned all about the Gerson diet, about the Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, she did the coffee enemas juicing and visited a clinic in Germany, all with great success.  It was my first enlightenment that there was something else to do.  Other than take the Slash, poison and burn approach that is conventional medicine.

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