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Thomas Seyfried

Thomas is one great scientist, and I have to say, it was with a little reluctance that I bought his book.  Why, I hear you ask?  Quite simply because of the price.  It was $118.00 on Amazon last time I looked.  At that price, it just had better be worth it, I thought.  I wasn’t disappointed, it is a great read.  For someone not scientific like me, it was very hard going in places, but decided upon the “gloss over the bits I don’t understand” approach.  It served me well and I managed to get through the book.

Otto Warburg Was Right

Back in 1931 Otto Warburg won a nobel prize for his work discovering that cancer cells are unlike normal cells, they loose their ability to breath oxygen, and turn to a more primitive form of reparation instead.  They rely instead on anaerobic respiration and feed on sugar for food.

Cancer is one of our body’s defense mechanisms

In my opinion, cancer is simply one of the body’s defense mechanisms, and when the cells get damaged, they survive by going back to ancient methods.  Only when we have corrected the underlying cause can our bodies correct the  imbalance.

So what is the Ketogenic Diet?

Quite simply, you eat foods that have very very little, or no carbohydrate.

Continue Testing for Ketones

Once your body burns off all the carbohydrate, usually within a couple of days of being on a ketogenic diet, you can check to see if your body is burning fat for fuel by using ketone test strips.  Simply put them into the flow as you urinate and check it off against the chart.  They are available on e-bay for a couple of dollars.

Keep an eye out on this website for ketogenic diet recipes, as I do them, and can recommend them, I will add them here or in the forum.

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