The Great Ketogenic Experiment – Day 1 – Apple

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An Apple a Day – Keeps the Doctor Away

Well, let’s see if it is true.  The first experimental food I will try is Apple.  I will weigh this apple, and all future experiments will be with the same weight as this one initial apple, to make the experiment scientific, and repeatable.

Check my glucose level before and after

I will check my glucose level both before and after eating the apple, and then later in the day, I will made an 8 oz glass of Juice, from whichever fruit and veg is to be checked.  I will then measure the glucose levels after drinking the juice.  All my readings will be saved.

Results – Day One 14th November 2018

I got out of bed at about 8:30 AM and went in the sauna. I had a FAR infra red sauna, as I watched Chris Wark on the Ty Bollinger Symposium that I have saved on my computer (I bought the silver package of this and the Global Quest) anyway, cut to the chase.  I then took a shower, and came downstairs.  Sorry, but I am writing this all down for completeness.  At which point, I called the glucose meter company because I had a problem with it.  It seems that you have two usernames / passwords.  One when you buy the thing, and one actually in the “app” I was trying to change my password in the wrong place.

Feelings and Results

So, I can literally “Feel” when I feed the tumour.  It is colorectal cancer and it must swell as it gets fed.  It makes me feel as if I want to go to the toilet, and / or pass wind.  which I do frequently after eating.

Fasting Measurement 2.2 mmol/L (39.6 mg/dL)

The first measurement I took was at 09:40 and it measured as above.  According to the Dario, it said that I was suffering from Hypoglycemia which basically means that my blood sugar was too low.  Apparently, when in hypoglycemia there isn’t enough blood sugar for your brain and body to use.  Better get a mars bar real soon then eh folks? I think not!

All of the above is  after a quick search on the net, for hypo, after the app told me that was what I was suffering from.  No shit Sherlock, but to be fair, it also said I might start feeling “faint” and hungry etc.  Yes, I did feel a bit hungry, but nothing I haven’t felt before.  Especially given the amount of fasting I have done since being diagnosed.

Apple 136g (4.7926 oz)

So, god, please forgive me.  I “ate the apple” at 10:15 A.M. and waited patiently until the tumour told me that I had a boost in my blood sugar level.  This happened after only 10 minutes, so I then took a reading.

10 Minutes after eating the food Measurement 3.9 (70.2)

It was 3.9, which, interestingly didn’t take me up over 4, which is supposed to be your “normal range”.  Yet, the tumour let me know I had fed it.

Fast Forward – 4 1/2 hours 5.5 mmol/L (99 mg/dL)

I was feeling hungry so thought that my blood sugar would be low again, however, I got a surprise, it was at 5.7 the highest it has been since starting this morning with the experiment.  It’s clear that I need some education.   My plan was to juice the apples and give a reading of Apple Juice, however, that’s now a none starter.  I’ve decided on some Kimchi and an Avocado for my lunch.  Going for coffee enema in half an hour.

Kimchi and Avocado 5.9 mmol/L (106.2 mg/dL) – 45 minutes later

So, I had no feedback from the tumour, until 45 minutes later, so decided to check my blood sugar level again.  It was 5.9. (106.2) which is only 0.2 (3.6) higher than before the food.  Intriguing.


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