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Ketogenic Diet - Day 4
29th November 2018

Blood Glucose

5.9 mmol/L

Ketone Level




Not too much exercise

I I didn’t really want to get up this morning, I had difficulty getting to sleep last night.  I saw 2:30 on my watch before I even got to sleep.  When my wife woke me up to take the dog for a walk, I felt shattered.  

Anyway, up I got, and went for the walk.  No feedback so far this morning. 

Thoughts on the day

I plan to go shopping to the rip off that is Holland and Barrett here in the UK.  I want to get some Berberine which is supposed to lower blood sugar.  

It is a good thing I have the Dario blood testing meter.  I can test my bloods before and after taking it.  I can see what sort of results I am getting, and whether or not it is doing me any good.

Tumour Feedback

None so far as I type this section around lunch time. I know it’s there, but not real pain.

After lunch, I could certainly feel it, but yet my blood sugar had not really risen. At 2:36 it measured 6.1so, decided to do another Blood Ketone Test.  This was 0.9 mmol/L which says to me, that there was more carbs in what I had eaten, or quite simply, I’m not way into the ketosis thing just yet.

Post Coffee Enema

I was really concerned on Sunday when I couldn’t visit the toilet.  Obviously, the tumour had got to a size that it was blocking the passage of my faeces.  So, as things have progressed over the previous days, today, post coffee enema, I am glad to say, I had no trouble whatsoever to say it is a relief, would be an understatement of the year.


Green Tea.  Nothing else, I waned to get a good start on the first day. So by the time I got back from walking the dog, I was pretty starving.

No feelings from the tumour area.


Lunch was left over chicken livers from yesterday, and I whipped up a bit of cream to go with it.  

Topped off with a few nuts. I tested my blood glucose and it was 6.2, but yet I still had some feelings from the tumour area. 


Fast, decided to fast for the rest of the evening, purely and simply because of my Ketone Test earlier.  I believe I need to be in the 3+ range to really be in ketosis. 

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