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People are literally dying of a lack of knowledge.  If you have cured yourself of cancer, please join this site and make yourself known.  We are looking for authors to help.

Together, we can save the world. Steve Jobs, said he could change the world, and they did, together, as a collective, just like the BORG! We can change the world.

My plans to crack this NUT!

Fill this site with success stories, and knowledge that can guide others, who then go on to become a success story, and are able to tweak the previous guidance, so the next generation can guide the next and so on. Until we have a clear set of guidelines for every single strain of cancer.

Do, pure SCIENTIFIC research that they can’t argue with.

There are so many “excuses” that, “hey… nobody will do the research… on a natural therapy… because nobody will pay for it.

Wake up.  This is the time of the internet, this is the day of the collective. Given enough exposure, given enough “backing of the people” we can “do it ourselves” and guided by the scientists that read this, do GENUINE, “doctors and the medical system can’t argue with it” genuine research.

An Example, which I am going to start myself real soon…

We all know, or should, that Sugar Feeds Cancer.  Right… so, what foods make your blood sugar rise?  Has anyone done the experiment?  NO, not to my knowledge.

Fast all night, of course, I’m asleep.

Get up in the morning, light exercise, little water to drink, then, before eating anything else….

Test the blood glucose level

Then, eat a given amount of the food to be tested…. and only the food to be tested… and then do a blood glucose level test.  Then take the results.

The collective get on board, and do the same!

So, you buy into the idea, you absolutely have to sign to say that you are following the experiment to the letter.  We have a model that cannot be argued with.  The findings of this experiment alone will save thousands of lives I’m sure.

Imagine the current Keto thinking is missing something?

So, you have brain cancer, Keto diet is absolutely essential, but you like spludgebob (made up name of some food or other) now spludgebob is thought to be OK because it’s a vegetable related to broccoli so it must be OK right?  Well, people who have been on this diet have had a little spludgebob, but it’s a bit nasty tasting (to them) so they don’t bother with it, it gets missed, and everybody does well and gets well.  But you, a lover of spludgebob since you were a kid, when everybody in the house ate it, and you grew to like it because it was cool to do so. Now you love it, but so does your cancer, because the science proves it.  It sent your blood sugar up, and you fed the cancer. You are not doing WELL, and nobody can understand it.  (it’s the spludgebob) You don’t make it!

So what can you do?

Simple.  Click on any of the “login” buttons on this website and join up.  Make yourself known…. come on…. let’s make history together.

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