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Gerson therapy is one of the longest standing, and best known alternative cancer treatments out there.

Max Gerson.

Pictured here on the left was a German Jew who fled Nazzi Germany during world war two.

He was a brilliant physician who came up with his cure for cancer quite by accident. Indeed, his whole approach to nutrition was born out of his desire to rid himself of nasty recurring migraine headaches. Who knows if Cancer was ever in his mind. In fact, TB was first on the list of trials, and with a success rate of over 90%, those terminally ill patients must have been eternally grateful.

One fine day in 1928.

Max received a call from a lady who was suffering from an incurable bile duct cancer and was keen to try out his diet based therapy, to which she fully recovered. Closely followed by another two patients. Given anyone treating cancer would be subject to slander from the medical mafia, Gerson was no exception.

Silence the critics

Gerson set up a clinical trial, in which he gave himself the best chance of failure. Confident in his methods, he decided to only take, terminally ill patients. Those who had been sent home to “get their affairs in order”. Unfortunately it was at this point that Adolf Hitler began arresting the Jews, sending them to the “death camps”. Max escaped and left Germany for good, leaving behind the results of his study.

But… some didn’t make it.

Despite the success of the treatment, some didn’t make it. These patients were not dying of the cancer, they were dying of toxic overload. The literally were poisoning themselves. The juicing was doing too good a job of flushing toxins out of the body and the poor patients depleted liver and kidney function simply couldn’t cope.

Cue, Advanced Detoxification

Max had developed a habit of placing a small writing tablet and pencil at the side of his bed. He would awaken in the middle of the night and jot down his subconscious thoughts. He awoke one morning to the word Göttingen on his notepad. This was the liver detoxification method he now urgently needed for his cancer patients. The Coffee Enema. Max remembered the battle fields of WWI and the nurses, desperate to give some pain relief to the injured soldiers were willing to try anything.

Professors Mayer and Huebner

Of the University of Göttingen were curious about the analgesic effect of the coffee enemas. They set up a series of animal experiments that revealed the connection. When coffee was given rectally, the hemorrhoidal vein in the colon absorbed the caffeine in solution and transported it to the liver through the portal venous system.
On arriving at the liver, the caffeine stimulated the opening of the bile ducts to increase the flow of bile, which removes toxins from the liver and deposits them in the small intestine, for eventual elimination in the feces. The unburdened liver is then free to remove more toxins from the bloodstream—one of the organ’s most crucial normal functions.

Straus, Howard. Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless (Kindle Locations 3684-3688). Totality Books. Kindle Edition.

Enough of the History Lesson

Let’s cut to the chase. How do you use the Gerson Therapy?

Since being diagnosed and learning about Gerson Therapy, I have juiced organic juice, and taken a coffee enema almost daily. If none of my other treatments work, I will look at doing the full on Gerson in the future.


It takes TWO to tango!

The regimen of so many organic juices and coffee enemas really needs two people to manage it successfully. One to make the juice, and work the coffee machine, and the other person to actually take the therapy.

There is far too much information in the book to include it in this short description I therefore recommend you read the latest in the series of books by Charlotte Gerson herself Healing the Gerson Way.

There are two clinics one here in Mexico and another in Europe.

Here is a really handy guide on their website about how to get started.

The Gerson Books I have read.

The first one pictured is the latest in the incarnation.

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