Cancer – Step Outside The Box

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The first book I read, after being diagnosed was Mum’s not having chemo, and in that book, Laura Bond mentioned a guy
from the UK called Vincent, who had also been doing coffee enemas, he described how to do them on Lauras blog, and she was very impressed by his graphic description.

Vincent Lived Close By.

I found out that Vincent actually lived within 5 miles of where I do, so, I found him on Facebook, and asked for a friend request.  He dutifully obliged, and it wasn’t long before I was visiting for a cup of tea and a chat.

It was then that he mentioned the “Must Get” cancer step outside the box, by Ty Bollinger.  I did so, and was blown away by the content.  Ty and I have since spoken on facebook messenger, and he has very kindly allowed me to use the “alternative treatments” information from his book, here on this website.

A must read book

This is an absolute must read book for anyone who has been diagnosed themselves, or has family who have done the same.   Without it, I fear that I wouldn’t be here.  In fact, the following people, who were all friends, now are no longer here because they took notice of the “system” and were “treated to death” with the big three conventional treatments.  You can purchase it directly from Ty’s Website

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