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The above photo is of a friend of mine, Fiona Dickson.  Who has passed away from Breast Cancer, with mets to the bones and elsewhere.  This post, and all others with reference to Breast Cancer are dedicated to her.  God Bless.

All Cancer Starts in the Gut.

Your microbiome is the largest organ in the human body, your own human DNA is 7 trillion cells, but your gut bacteria outnumber YOU by 13 to 1. you have 90 trillion gut bacteria.

More than a third of the small molecules flowing around in your blood stream were made by the bacteria in your gut.  The good ones will keep you healthy, the bad ones will make you ill.  There is so much information online, specifically the Human Microbiome Project, and the Data Analysis and Coordination Centre and overwhelming it is too.  I will attempt to summarize here.  Going through 1423 terabytes of data might take me a while.

Breast Cancer is Primarily an old persons disease, it is a fact, that the older you get, the greater your risk of developing the disease. However, in the UK 40% of new cancers diagnosed are below the age of 60. So, there’s more than just ageing to this cancer.

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